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Զարուհի Բաբայան / Zaruhi Babayan / Заруи Бабаян

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Զարուհի Բաբայան / Zaruhi Babayan / Заруи Бабаян

Год выхода: 2001, 2006
Страна: Армения
Жанр: народная
Формат: MP3
Битрейт: 128-256 кбит/с

Zaruhi Babaian was born on December 27, 1975 in Yerevan, capital of Armenia. In 1989 Zaruhi finished number 19 music school in Yerevan. Since 1986 Zaruhi has been participating in many concerts, contests, festivals with the staff of jazz pop band of cultural center where she has been awarded many prizes, awards.
In 1992 she graduated from Khachatur Abovyan State Pedagogical Institute, the faculty of biology.
In 1995 she worked in the “Jazzle” pop group of the cultural center and the “Vaghordyan Katilner” (Morning drops) and that job she combined with the job in State Song theatre. With the staff of State Song theatre she had great many concerts both in Armenia and oversees. She had a number of concerts in many foreign countries, in all the marzes of Armenia, Russia, USA and Iran. She had solo concerts, recitals in Greece, England and Iran.
In 2000 she participated in Sayat-Nova Pan-Armenian festival where in the lyrical genre she was awarded with the best prize.
In 2001 for the best processing she was awarded with the best award for the song “Shalakho” in “Krunk” festival.
In 2001 she released her first CD album under the title “Chanaparh depi…” (The road to…. )The CD includes folk, national and pop songs.
In 2002 in the American Music Awards Zaruhi’s first CD album was recognized as the best CD album of the year in the pop genre, and Zaruhi was awarded with the award “Best songstress of the year”.
In 2003 she graduated form Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas.
In 2003 Zaruhi had solo concerts in Beirut, Lebanon.
In 2004 she had recitals in Iran, in the cities of Tehran, Isfaha and in Syria, Aleppo.
In 2005 on June 1-2, Zaruhi Babaian had the first great solo concert in Opera and Ballet National academic theatre after Al. Spendiaryan, Yerevan. In the concert their participation showed such outstanding groups as State Jazz Band of Armenia, art director Armen Martirosyan, Theatre of Dance and Soul, art director Sofi Devoyan, “Arevik” child ensemble of national radio, art director Armen Divanyan, and “Lavanda” trio.
In 2005 Zaruhi got invitation from the USA to partake in the “Hayuhiner 2” project. The members and participants of this project are Varduhi Vardanyan, Armine Nahapetyan, Anna Khachatryan and Zaruhi Babaian. The concert took place in Glendale, “Alex” theatre.

Tchanaparh depi... / The road to... 2001
Hin ev nor / Old and new 2006
Tchanaparh depi... / The road to... 2001
1. Shalakho
2. Adana
3. Yerevan
4. Berd
5. Kilikia
6. The night song
7. Just like that
8. The song of the road
9. Make it cool
10. Yarimo

Hin ev nor / Old and new 2006
1. Kilikia
2. Praise to fidain
3. Spring memories
4. Adana`s sorrow
5. Daughter-in-Law and mother-in-Law
6. Come with me
7. Armenia
8. Shalakho
9. Sweet Georgia Brown
10. Love for sale
11. Only love
12. Berd

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