Անդրե / Andre / Андре (Армянские песни)

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Անդրե / Andre / Андре (Армянские песни)

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Անդրե / Andre / Андре (Армянские песни)
Տարեթիվ / Year of production / Год выпуска: 1991-2008
Արտադրություն / Production / Производство: Karen studia
Երկիր / Country / Страна: Հայաստան / Armenia / Армения
Ոճ / Genre / Жанр: Փոփ / Pop
Տևողություն / Duration / Продолжительность: 03:43:52
Լեզու / Language / Язык: հայերեն / armenian, english

Երգում է / Singer / Поёт: Անդրե / Andre / Андре
Биография: Родился в 1979 году в Арцахе. В 3 года начал петь для своей семьи. 3 годя спустя начал обучаться игре на фортепиано. В лет написал свою первую песню, которая называлась "Молитва", показывая своё отношение к Богу. Профессионально начал выступать на большой сцене в 15 лет. Последние несколько лет Андре является лидером вокальной поп-джазовой группы Арцаха (Нагорный Карабах). Он участвовал в разных фестивалях в Азии, Западной и Восточной Европе и США. В 2006 году представил Армению на международном конкурсе Евровидение.
Andre was born in the city of Stepanakert, in the republic of Nagorno-Karabakh. In his early years, Andre's family noticed that their son showed much interest in music. He started singing when he was only 3 years old, when his stage was a chair, his microphone was a thermometer and his audience were his family members. When he turned 6, Andre began taking piano lessons at the Komitas School of Music in Stepanakert. After studying for three years, Andre wrote his first song titled "Prayer" dedicated to God. During the Artsakh war Andre along with the young choir called "Children of Artsakh" performed for the army. When he was 15 he participated in a music contest called "Road to Renaissance" were he took the first place. Andre's participation in this contest is credited as the starting point of his singing career. Years later, Andre began performing as the lead vocalist in his pop-jazz band called "Karabagh." He traveled to different regions of Armenia and Artsakh with his group. In addition to singing Andre acted in many plays throughout the year at the Stepanakert State Drama Theater. Although his parents were confident that their son would become a doctor while maintaining his love for singing as a hobby, Andre dreamt of becoming a singer at the State Theater of Song in Yerevan, Armenia. In1998 his dream came true. He was a member of the troupe until 2002.

Andre participated in his first international music contest, "Golden Skif", in Donetsk, Ukraine where he became the first runner-up. He then took part in the international music contest "Golden Shlyager" in the city of Mogilyov, Belarus, becoming the third runner-up and winning the hearts of many fans. By the invitation of Josif Kobzon, Andre performed at GCKZ "Rossia" Music Hall in Moscow, Russia. Andre was accepted to the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory majoring in Jazz & Vocal.

Andre participated in the music festival "Voice of Asia" in Almaty, Kazakhstan and received five prizes in addition to a very warm response from the audience. Andre filmed his first music video for the song "Horovel". The video became a hit - loved and appreciated by many fans, while bringing much acclaim and fame to the singer.

At the international Youth Music Festival called "Festos" which took place in Moscow, Andre became one of the 10 best performers out of 2500 participants, taking home a "Golden Diploma" prize. He participated
and was a finalist in the Russian version of American Idol "Narodny Artist" which is produced and broadcast by the Russian National TV "Rossia." He placed 5th in the competition. Andre participated in the "Shanghai Asia International Music Festival" earning the title of "Best New Singer". He also received the award of "The Greatest Contributor in Armenian Music" at the "Armenian Song of the Year in Moscow." The singer's "Antsa Gnatsi" song won "The Best Song of the Year" at Hit FM radio's "106% Hit" contest. Andre released his first CD named "It's Me."

During the International Film Festival in Armenia the singer's music video "Horovel" (Director: Lusine Martirosyan) won the best music video award. He presented his second music video for the song "Just One Night" which again was highly regarded and acclaimed by the critics. Andre participated in the "World Championships of Performing Arts" in Hollywood, California where he received three golden and one silver medals. He was also chosen as the "Champion of the World" among the solo vocalists in his age group. He became the "Best Singer of the Year" during the "Krunk" Pan-Armenian Music Contest and Armenian National Music Awards. At the "Golden Qnar" (Radio Van) Armenian Pop Song Contest/Festival, Andre's "My Love to You" was awarded the Best Song of the Year. Within 17 weeks "My Love to You" became one of the most popular songs at many TV stations via audience voting. Andre toured with a huge concert program to Iran, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, USA, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia and several cities in Europe and Russia.

Within 14 weeks of its release Andre's "Ser Es U Mi Kyanq" ("You are love and one life") was in the first place in Armenia's National Billboard. Outside of Armenia, Andre gave three sold out solo-concerts at the "Alex" theater in Glendale, CA attracting close to 5000 fans. Andre released the English version of one of his most popular and signature songs, "My Love to You." In honor of the 90th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide Andre presented the music video "Our Country." He gave concerts at the Yerevan Opera and Ballet Theatre and the 7000 seat Karen Demirchyan Media Center for the release of the album "Only Love," a compilation of already recognized love songs as well as new ones by different songwriters. Andre was awarded Best Male Singer and Best Song at the 2005 Armenian National Music Awards. The music video "Horovel" received recognition at the M Club Music Awards in Los Angeles, CA.

Andre was chosen to represent Armenia for the first time at the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, Greece. He recorded and filmed the music video for the English language song "Without Your Love" which was presented at the competition. He took 8th place for his country. The song's success continued after the competition, appearing in "top ten" song lists throughout Armenia and the United States. Andre also released the album "1000 Times," giving concerts in Armenia, United States, UK and Russia. To celebrate the release of the album, Andre had the biggest concert in the history of the Armenian Pop Music at the Vazgen Sarkissian Stadium. At the beginning of the concert Andre cheered his 20,000 fans by his very special and unusual arrival - he entered the stadium by jumping off the helicopter. His US concert drew a crowd of 3000 at the Pasadena Civic Center. In Moscow, Andre was given the award for "Person of the Year." He was also awarded the Prize Avance as the "Best Armenian Song in Moscow." At the 2006 Armenian National Music Awards, Andre received a special recognition award for his successful representation of Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest. Andre was awarded "Best Male Singer" and "Best Armenian International Artist- The Varduhi Vardanyan Achievement Award" at the 2006 M Club Music Awards at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, CA. The song "Without Your Love" was awarded as one of the top ten videos of the year. Andre shot the video for the duet "Heavy Rain" featuring Varduhi Vardanyan. The clip was dedicated to Varduhi's memory. Andre graduated from the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory majoring in Jazz & Vocal and was immediately accepted to the Aspirantura, which he will graduate in 2008.

Andre continued his concert tours with performances in the Netherlands, Germany and Russia. He shot two music video for "Sone Le Le" and "1000 Times" in Germany. "Sone Le Le" was in the first place on TV charts for 10 weeks in a row. "1000 Times" was in the first place on TV and Radio charts for 13 weeks in a row. Andre participated in the "Armenian Song of the Year in Moscow" award, and won the Best Male Singer award. He also had a concert tour in May with performances in Paris, Marseilles (France) and Koln (Germany). He was awarded as the Armenian "King of Pop" at the "Yes" magazine award. In November Andre won the "Best Male Singer" award at the 9th annual Armenian Music Awards which took place at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. In December took another 3 awards, 1 at the annual "Golden Knar" in Armenia with the "Sone LeLe" as the best video of the year and 2 more at the "National Top 10 Award" on December 23 in Armenia for the videos "Sone LeLe" and "1000 Angam."

Andre's latest music video "Erjankutyan Gakhtnik" (The Secret of Happiness) was the first video to air on National Armenian Television on January 1st and from the first day aired it was in the top 10 of the charts. With over 30 awards under his belt, numerous music videos, three albums and countless tours around the world, Andre is at the pick of his career and in 2008 he plans on releasing another album, shooting several highly anticipated videos, putting on another world tour, collaborating with some of the world's best musicians and much more!

Գնահատական / Evaluation / Оценка: 4/10
Ալբոմ / Альбом / Album: Ays kyanqum, Es em, Miayn ser, Hazar angam, Erjankutyan gaghtniq
Ձայնաձև / Audio format / Формат аудио: MP3
Битрэйт: 128-320 kbit/s
Ays kyanqum 1991
1.Du ek indz mot
2.De Yeleq Qajer, Hasninq Sasun, & Azatutyan drosh
4.Aydpes sharunak
5.Ays kyanqum
6.Hay qajer
7.Ari sirenq irar & Jur em khmum

Es em 2003
2.Chem krna khagha
3.Ha Nino
4.Serd indz tur
5.Qo sern em
6.Get mi gisher
8.Harsanekan - &isakan sharan
9.Ov es du?
10.Antsa gnatsi

Miayn ser 2005
1.Im ser@ qez
2.Mug karmir varder
3.Ser es u mi kyanq
4.Im miak
5.My love to you
9.Chem karogh taqtsnel

Hazar angam 2006
1.Without your love
2.Akh Naro
3.Ush gisherner
4.Sasna yarkhushta
6.Mer yerkir
7.Sone le-le
8.Khane yar
9.Nino yar jan
10.Hazar angam
11.Hort andzrev

Erjankutyan gaghtniq 2008
1. Erjankutyan gaghtniq
2. Kanchir
3. Arants qez
4. Mayrerg
5. Qez hamar
6. Im eraz
7. Skizb u avart
8. Mi togh
9. Dzhvar pahin
10. Khachi mot

Qez kasem glkhavor@

Կայք / Website / Вебсайт: http://www.andre.am

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