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Արմեն Գոնդրաչյան (Արմենչիկ) / Armen Gondrachyan (Armenchik) / Армен Гондрачян (Арменчик)

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Տարեթիվ / Year of production / Год выпуска: 1996-2010
Արտադրություն / Production / Производство: Armen Entertainment
Երկիր / Country / Страна: Հայաստան / Armenia / Армения, ԱՄՆ / USA / США
Ոճ / Genre / Жанр: Փոփ / Pop
Տևողություն / Duration / Продолжительность: 09:37:05
Ձայնաձև / Audio format / Формат аудио: FLAC, MP3
Битрэйт: 128-1100 kbit/s
Լեզու / Language / Язык: հայերեն / armenian
Երգում է / Singer / Поёт: Արմենչիկ / Арменчик / Armenchik
Armen Gondrachyan was born on August 8th, 1980 in Yerevan, Armenia. He was the second child in his family. Armen’s singing journey had officially started at the age of seven. With one singer already in his family which was his father Harpet Gondrachyan Armen had a clear path and began to follow in his fathers footsteps. All Armen really wanted was to sing and to become a singer. Armen always wanted to go to work with his father so he could sing and be heard while showing his talent to anyone who would listen. After hearing Armen’s voice at these places everyone eventually started to recognize him and he was given the nickname "Armenchik" which still remains with him to this day!

In 1989 Armen and his family moved to the United States. A couple of years later Harpet went on to record an album. Armen had a vocal part in his album and after the CD was distributed everyone knew that this kid (Armenchik) was for real, and that he in fact has the talent which people started to really recognize.
A year went by and Armen was searching for a group to work with so he could have his own band for his first album. In 1995 at the age of 15 Armen got what he wanted. With the help of his father Armen went on to record his first album titled "Armen & Nor Seround" which turned out to be very successful. Once his first album was released pieces of the puzzle seemed to be coming together and it was clear on what needed to be done. In 1998 Armen went to his hometown "Armenia" and lived there for a year.While he was there he recorded an album called "Armen, memories from Armenia". After the album had been released Armen instantly became a star! With his soft voice and his beautiful music he made his way into the listeners heart. The Armenian community was shocked, as to the talent of this child.

Armen went on to record many more successful albums. He has performed all over the United States and hopes to perform for the Armenian people all over the world. Armen is a very hard working person, he has devoted his life to singing and to his music. He has written hundreds of songs and is internationally known. Armen is not only a wonderful friend but also a very dedicated family man. He loves his family unconditionaly and never forgets to thank his parents for the love and support. Armen is very dedicated to the Armenian community and he is a very proud Armenian. His love for his country and for his people is un-measurable.

In October of 2003 Armen had his first concert in Glendale, Ca. at the Alex theatre which was a sellout! The crowds were packed and were waiting for Armen to perform. That same year Armen had received an award for the best selling album of the year titled "Anunt Inche". While performing from concert to concert Armen’s appetite for success grew. After many sleepless nights and alot of hard work throughout the year Armen had yet another concert in April of 2004 at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, Ca., this time receiving an award for the best music video of the year from his album and also the award winning video titled "Gone-Gone", which was directed by Levon Kosoyan of Cinemaven Productions..

Although Armen is now 25 years of age people still tend to call him "Armenchik". I think it's one of those nicknames that stick with you forever. He is a very kind hearted individual with alot of respect and a one of a kind personality. One thing I personally love about him is his humor, always ready to put a smile on everyone's face and brighten up their day.

Armen has also made plans to return to his hometown "Armenia" for a concert but that will be in the near future along with a world tour which he is also planning. He hopes that he can inspire the younger generation to do positive things, not only for themselves but their families as well. With everything in mind one thing is certain, everyone should always have their eyes on "Armenchik" becauese you never know what he will come up with next.

Գնահատական / Evaluation / Оценка: 9/10
Ալբոմ / Альбом / Album:
Siro erger
Allo du es
Anund inch e
Gone, gone
Mi qich - mi qich
Havatam te che
The very best of
Live in Concert Nokia Theater
Siro erger 1996
1. Sevorak acher
2. Dzayn es im srtum
3. Ankeghts sers
4. Kanchum em ari
5. Sers latsogh
6. Mi gna
7. Artashat, Dvin
8. Karot em mnatsel
9. Anqun achqov

Yerevan 1997
1. Yerevan
2. Lusnyak gisher
3. Aynpes kuzem
4. Khosir
5. Aghjik sevachya
6. Marine
7. Achqers artsunqov
8. Gisher e gisher
9. Ari yar

Hayastanum 1998
1. Vay, vay, vay
2. Yar, yar, yar
3. Yerevan
4. Mi kyanq
5. Rabiz
6. Barev tvi
7. Qez, qez, qez
8. Lusin
9. De ari, ari
10. Sevuk aghjik es

Namak 2000
1. Namak
2. 1, 2, 3
3. Harmar enq
4. Khentatsel es
5. Sevuk aghjik
6. Havata
7. Siro khagh
8. Kangnir, kangnir
9. Kasem barev qez
10. Astgher

Allo du es 2001
1. Allo du es
2. Durd bats
3. Vazum es
4. Gisher
5. Menak em
6. Uzum em qez
7. Inch anem
8. Lav lsi
9. Luys@ batsvets
10. Chem karogh
11. Armtorrent.com

Anund inch e 2002
1. Anund inch e
2. Um hamar
3. Antarum
4. Imn es
5. Asa, asa
6. Pataskhan
7. Mi amanchi
8. Inch e, inch e
9. Mur gisher
10. Mi girq em grel

Gone, gone 2004
1. Gone, gone
2. Ayrvum em
3. Gutse gtnem
4. Gaghtniq@
5. Kuzem qez
6. Hima, hima
7. Vard em talis
8. Or@ inch e
9. Urish es
10. Erani

Mi qich - mi qich 2005
1. Mi qich - mi qich
2. Zham@
3. Um @ntretsir
4. Qula-qula
5. Du es indz hamar
6. De khosir
7. Jan jigyars
8. Nerir-nerir (ft.Miran)
9. Uzum em haskanas
10. Sers qez lini (ft. ANDY)

Havatam te che 2007
1. Havatam te che
2. Tur hambuyr
3. Tanum es srtis ser@
4. Verjapes
5. Ush e
6. Antsanot mi aghjik
7. Qez nman
8. Inchu
9. Hishum em
10. Kyanqs

Tchanaparh 2009
1. Ur gnam
2. Dues, dues
3. Chem uzum
4. Indz asa
5. The road (Tchanaparh)
6. Inchn e pattchar@
7. Mi aravot
8. Nayum em
9. Char mardiq
10. Janes

The very best of 2010
2.Ur gnam
3.Du es
4.Chem uzum
5.Indz asa
7.Inchn e patchar@
8.Mi aravot
9.Nayum em
10.Char mardik
12.Ampern elan qula-qula
13.Havatam te che
15.Ush e
17.Tanum es

Live in Concert Nokia Theater 2010
1.Ur gnam
4.Mi aravot
6.Mi girq
7.Urish es
9.Indz asa
10.Chem uzum
12.Inchn e pattchar@
13.Sers qez lini (ft. Andy)
15.Char mardik

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